by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) best known as the author of the children’s classic Anne of Green Gables.

Lo! a ripe sheaf of many golden days
Gleaned by the year in autumn’s harvest ways,
With here and there, blood-tinted as an ember,
Some crimson poppy of a late delight
Atoning in its splendor for the flight
Of summer blooms and joys­
This is September.

The summer just gone by, as we ventured out of Covid isolation, was different with:

more freedom
larger gatherings of families and friends
louder voices
more outdoor festivals and events
more hope
greater enjoyment of things once taken for granted

It was an “almost normal” Greek summer.  And indeed, for those of us who continue to be blessed with good health and surrounded by love, special!

Let us overlook the rainy season, the rivers and lakes, the floods and the clouds and let us look forward to the year ahead, AWOG’s 75th year—our Diamond Jubilee—with renewed energy, creativity and stamina for there is much awaiting us:  social gatherings, lunches and teas.

Our first major project is the 2022 AWOG Christmas Bazaar, LIVE, on December 11 at the Divani Caravel Hotel.

Preparations are already underway:  the hotel has been booked, vendors have reserved tables, crafters are crafting.

We aspire, with our first live bazaar in three years, to be able to support our AWOG charities in the manner we have for the past 74 years.