September was a difficult month for most of us because after the long, lazy days of summer, it wasn’t easy going back to more rigid schedules and routines.  However, with online discussions, lectures and Christmas Bazaar preparations, we are already in the tenth month of the year.

October promises to be another busy month for AWOG members, full of varied activities, all via ZOOM.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be observed with a lecture on breast cancer.  Following our September lecture on nutrition, there will be another one; a chair yoga session will help us feel invigorated; a lecture by a woman who began a second career after she “retired” at the age of 65 will offer a new perspective; a museum tour of Impressionist works of art will certainly bring beauty into our lives, and another discussion of a short story will allow us to exchange ideas.

AWOG members are working hard to create lots of original items for this year’s Christmas Bazaar which will also be an online event this year.  Keep abreast of what’s in store for the Bazaar by following the AWOG Face Book page.

Remember that to participate in the online ZOOM events, you must be an AWOG member.  If you are not, but would like to join, please follow the procedure outlined under “How to Join AWOG” on the AWOG website.

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