Let us make the most of the new year personally, with families and friends and AWOG, as our dreams take flight!  Remember this is AWOG’s 75th Diamond Jubilee anniversary.

After our initial Board meeting in early January, we set a date for the traditional pitta-cutting for January 26th.  Personal invitations were sent out to Board members as well as all those who helped promote the Christmas Bazaar—by creating, donating, volunteering on the day—as well as those who furthered AWOG’s mission during the previous year.  After months of no rain in the Attiki region, it poured buckets that day; it rained cats and dogs.  The streets became rivers; traffic was at a standstill; people got drenched.

In a nutshell, the turnout was not quite what we had hoped for, but those who came had a wonderful time.  The pitta, made by TOLIS, one of our major sponsors, was brought by Ms. Adriana Tolis herself.  It was delicious, despite the raindrops on the box and since fewer people than expected were present, everyone there got a very large piece!  The flouri (good luck coin) went to AWOG President, Jane Ressos-Bizos who will be blessed with good luck during the coming year!

Smiling faces around the soon-to-be-cut 2023 AWOG New Year’s pitta.
Ms. Adriana Tolis and AWOG lawyer Ms. Maria Kontogianni

This year February is full of special days.

February 14th, as always, is Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few riddles and puns for you to test your linguistic talents!


Valentine’s Riddles/Puns

  • What did the piece of gum say to his Valentine? 
  • Why did the banana go out with the fig? 
  • What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine’s Day? 
  • What did the paper clip say to the magnet? 
  • What did the chocolate syrup say to the scoop of ice cream? 
  • How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? 
  • What did the elephant say to his Valentine? 
  • What did the rabbit say to her Valentine? 
  • What does a barista write in a Valentine’s Day card? 
  • What did the pepperoni say to its Valentine?               

And their answers.  You need to match them!  Have fun.             

  • Because he couldn’t get a date.  
  • I’m sweet on you.
  • I’m stuck on you.
  • You’ve got a pizza my heart.
  • He gave her a ring.
  • I love you tons.
  • I find you very attractive.
  • You’re no bunny until some bunny loves you.
  • Words can’t espresso how much I love you.
  • I chews you.

Thursday, February 16th is TSIKNOPEMPTI, [Τσικνοπέμπτη] so do make plans to eat some grilled, roasted meat—at home, at friends’ homes, or at your favorite neighborhood psistaria (grill house)!

Saturday, February 18th is PSYCHOSAVATO [Ψυχοσάββατο] (one of the two “big” ones annually) where grains of wheat are boiled and prepared in the traditional way (with raisins, nuts, pomegranate seeds, sesame seeds and a touch of parsley) in honor/memory of the dead.

Monday, February 27th is SHROVE MONDAY (Καθαρά Δευτέρα), the beginning of Lent, so prepare for all the Lenten goodies!  And don’t forget to fly a kite!

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