The project was brought to AWOG by a Board Member who saw a video of an Italian lady making masks on the Internet.  She brought the idea to the Board who approved the idea of making masks for hospitals. We asked Dr. Pelagia Karas, AWOG 1st VP and Heart Pillow Coordinator, to contact hospitals and she informed us that they are in need of masks for the personnel and doctors at Paidon Hospitals and the masks we suggested were approved by the Directors of Aghia Sophia and Aglaia Kyriakou Hospitals. Dr. Karas also spoke to Asklipeio Hospital Voula who have remained open for operations and are in dire need of masks.

Funds for the material to make the masks were donated by our AWOG members.

Two AWOG Board Members, Zaharo Laios and Sherry Cossyphas have chaired the sewing committee doing all the ordering and cutting and sending ready parcels to the sewers. We had a total of 12 sewers; 10 members and 2 friends of AWOG.  During the lockdown the logistics of ordering the materials and getting them to sewers has been very complicated.  However, due to the dedication of all involved,  to date 1,500 masks have or will soon be delivered to the three hospitals.