AWOG Heart Pillow Project


The Heart Pillow Project initiative began in 2001 at Erlanger Medical Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, and has expanded to more than 50 cities and 18 countries worldwide since then.

What is the heart pillow? It is a soft, heart shaped-pillow which was designed to lessen the pain and discomfort caused to women after breast cancer surgery.

AWOG members began sewing and delivering these pillows in 2007 and continue to do so. The pillows are 100% cotton, made to very exacting specifications and have a wonderful, soft filling. They are also quite colorful and beautiful to look at.

This project, worked on during the entire year, not only during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, gives members an opportunity to have “stuffing parties” to sew, stuff and package the heart pillows.

Throughout the years, AWOG members have created more than 8000 pillows, made with love and personally delivered to hospitals  throughout the prefecture of Attiki, Greece. They are part of the “hands on” work of our organization.

Each heart pillow is delivered in its own plastic bag with an attached card from AWOG.  The pillows not only bring cheer but also relieve pain which is evident from the feedback we receive from many patients who have received them.  To our members who work so hard making them, this is certainly heartwarming news.

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