Women’s Day 2022 – Lecture by Dr. Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous

For those of you who missed Dr. Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous’ lecture on March 8, 2022, here is a summary along with the link so that you can watch the entire lecture and share with family members and/or friends.

Women’s Day—March 8

Professor Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous spoke to AWOG members on ZOOM about the issues of disability and how to best facilitate our society to confront this issue. Right now, there is a lot of talk about inclusion but this can only become reality through legislation and co-ordination with society. There is always a gap between theory and practice – but Dr. Bernidaki is optimistic and sees that things are moving toward the law’s goal of inclusion.

Laws, she said, begin the practice. The European Union passed laws in 2007 and 2010 on inclusion. In Greece, a law was passed in 2012. By 2017 Greece was to implement directives coming out of a United Nations Convention. In 2021 Greece established the National Authority for Accessibility in work, travel entertainment, education, athletics, etc.

In earlier years, without the legislation we have now, it was the human factor that was the main force behind change. Dr. Bernidaki clearly showed how true this was in her own life and experiences. It was the thoughtful and forward-thinking people in her village in Crete, in her school years at Pierce, and in her further education in the United States who saw her potential despite her disability.

Dr. Bernidaki ended on a high note stating that we, as a society, can remove the obstacles that prevent the disabled from accessing their human rights. All it takes is removing ignorance through knowledge and information. Local governments must implement the existing laws for the disabled. And we must not forget that a disability may be acquired due to age or accident. No one is immune and, therefore, may need help in the future. It is our duty to establish a society where the disabled are afforded every opportunity to enjoy their rights as human beings.

The cloud recording of this lecture is now available for you to watch and share with others.

Date: March 8, 2022 10:50 AM Athens

https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/Qw6lVBSfLTWOVNWlDx7abu5GlzeSahxcfdhOuhsXjEFMkSd495I4_NOtOp966NAa.yBmjD3L8R5N–SozPasscode: D3d#Q*sW