Christmas Bazaar

AWOG’S Annual Christmas Bazaar is a well-known tradition here in Athens with a long, rich history.  The 2020 CHRISTMAS BAZAAR marked the 52nd year of this event which was held online for the first time.  The 2021 CHRISTMAS BAZAAR–AWOG’s 53rd–was also held virtually.  Our organization was finally able to have a live bazaar in 2022!  The annual AWOG CHRISTMAS BAZAAR was held on December 11 at the Divani Caravel Hotel and was a huge success!

As per our Constitution, one of our goals is to support non-profit institutions and we do this each and every year.  The Bazaar is the great unifier of AWOG because it is the one thing almost all of our members participate in.  As one year’s bazaar comes to an end, preparation for the following year’s bazaar immediately commences.

Some areas, like Glyfada,  Papagou/Holargos and Halandri, hold workshops; others work on sponsorships and letter writing, others on promotion.  However, everyone works together and comes together for this important event.  The amount of money we have donated throughout the years is surpassed only by the amount of love we have put into our work.

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