2022: The year in review


As the world slowly left the Covid-19 pandemic in its wake, life became more vivid, more interesting, more “alive,” with fewer long-distance, online activities and more face-to-face contact.

  • AWOG toed a middle road between online and live, so for Women’s Day on March 8 we had an online talk—on Zoom– by AWOG member Dr. Eleftheria Bernidaki-Aldous who addressed the issue of women with disabilities and their struggle for social inclusion and equal opportunities.


  • In April there was a LIVE General Assembly held at the Divani Caravel Hotel, followed by a buffet luncheon where AWOG members were able to chat and socialize over a leisurely lunch after a long hiatus due to Covid.


  • In May a Mother’s Day Event was organized at the Café of the Byzantine and Christian Museum where members met under the warm sun of Attica for coffee, chatting and light snacks.

  • AWOG members enjoyed the sun and sea of summer in Athens, on islands and in villages in Greece; some travelled abroad to visit families and friends.


  • At the end of September, the first live AWOG monthly meeting of 2022 was held at El Jiron—a lovely garden setting—in Psyhico. Olga Tsunis, the wife of the then newly-appointed U.S, Ambassador to Greece, was present, giving us an opportunity to get acquainted with one another.



In the middle of October there was a brunch organized at the Oasis Hotel in Glyfada. During this well-attended event, we not only enjoyed a delicious spread, had the chance to catch up after 2+ years of no face-to-face, but also got a peek at some of the handmade items for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar.



  • November 24, Thanksgiving Day, was a bright, sunny day as only Attiki can offer! Forty-nine AWOG members, families, and friends gathered at the Divani Caravel Hotel for a truly scrumptious traditional meal, prepared by the Divani Caravel chefs.

  • The year ended with our annual Christmas Bazaar, AWOG’s biggest fundraiser. This too was held at the Divani Caravel Hotel and was very successful.  There were many handcrafted items, lotteries, charity organizations with their own tables as well as vendors there.  The results were such that AWOG can continue its tradition of supporting those who need help.


During the year, many of our sponsors were highlighted, giving everyone a chance to learn more about the companies and organizations that are long-time supporters of AWOG.

  • The Literary Club continued to meet online monthly, (with a summer break), mostly because it was very convenient to do so. Some of the authors whose stories were read and discussed are:   Joan Didion, James Joyce, Kate Chopin, Virginia Woolf, Katherine Ann Porter, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Frank O’Connor.
  • The Heart Pillow Project, in its sixteenth year in Greece (adopted by AWOG in 2007), continued with enthusiasm. Women met at the homes of various AWOG members to sew, stuff, and package pillows.  A big thank you to all of them but also to Orsalia Parthenis, our 2022 Heart Pillow sponsor, who will continue in this role during 2023 as well.  Her unwavering support helps us supply the many hospitals which ask for the now “famous” pillows for mastectomy patients.
    In 2022 we donated 410 Heart Pillows to the following hospitals in Greece:Metaxa, Nikaia, Alexandra, Elena Venizelou, and Aghii Anargyri in the greater      Athens area.  Pillows were also donated to hospitals on the islands of Crete, Samos and Rhodes.
    This brings the total of donated pillows since 2007 when AWOG began participating in the project to approximately ten thousand.
    In 2023 we are looking forward to our 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary year!
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