It must be stated that despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, AWOG, after the initial lockdown in March of 2020, conducted all its activities online.
So, monthly Board meetings, the General Assembly, the literary club, fine arts, chair Yoga, nutrition lectures, a few area gatherings, Thanksgiving greetings, our annual Christmas bazaar and our holiday wishes to each other were all done virtually.

We certainly took advantage of Internet technology to keep our club alive!


  • 01 November 2021

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Thank you for “attending” AWOG’S first-ever virtual Christmas bazaar. Browse through our handmade items and make your purchases before they disappear. You can follow the links to our five categories:

AWOG confirms that the information you have provided for the purchase of bazaar items on its website is strictly confidential and will not be used by third parties for any purpose. It will be used strictly by the organization’s personnel to send you—via ELTA courier– your shopping order as well as the proper receipt. This consent covers any lawful processing of such data in accordance with the provision of applicable law.

Silent Auction Information

All items in our Silent Auction have been donated by people keen on supporting AWOG’S mission. Place your bid for one or more of the items. Bids close at midnight on December 5. If yours was the highest bid, you will be notified, and asked to deposit the amount you bid plus the ELTA Courier fee into the AWOG Alpha Bank account. You will then be informed about the delivery procedure.